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Redemptions Path

Faith Lehane
14 December 1980
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Hotel California Basics;

- Name: Faith Lehane

- Canon: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

- Canon Point: Comic Book Issue Number Six

- Appearance: With shoulder length brown hair that falls in waves, and with doe eyes,
Faith stands at an average height with curves. With a tribal tattoo on her right arm from
when she was a teenager.

- Bio: For her bio, please, click here.

- Inventory:
→ A stake
→ Her journal
→ A cross
→ A dagger
→ Pack of smokes
→ Lighter
→ Her Doc Martens
→ Her denim jacket
→ Her leather pants
→ Black eyeliner

Disclaimer: I don't own anything here save for the plot ideas. Joss is God, people.
That is all you need to know.